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" DER Touristik Köln has decided to partner with Illusions because it could provide a solution for both inbound and outbound tour operations and at the same time, could be used as a bed bank.

From our outbound tour operators to our DMCs, there should be no breaks in the delivery of data and Illusions will help us to improve the quality, flow and stream of that data to our customers and improve our efficiency. "
Sören Hartmann
CEO, DER Touristik
" The Illusions system put us in the 21st Century. It made us faster, more flexible and more efficient by combining our online booking engine with our back office to become one.

The system opened more doors because of the possibilities it presented to us - it helped us generate more business with less effort.

We found Illusions very responsive to our needs and we would definitely recommend them to other clients. In fact we already have - our sister company in Asia, Go Vacation Thailand, recently signed a deal with Illusions based on our recommendation and feedback. "
Peter Dorner
President and CEO, New World Travel, US
"The future of the travel business is online and we chose to work with Illusions because the technology company offered us an off-the-shelf solution that suited our needs.

The main benefit is that Illusions will provide us and our partners with XML interface capabilities, which is now essential to sustain business relationships in source markets such as the UK and Germany, which demand rates and availability in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
Osama Bushra
Chief Operating Officer, Travco
" Illusions fit the bill with its innovative suite of products and strong regional foothold, which appealed to us. More importantly, we were looking for a solution that was easy to configure while yielding results. This was seen from the CRM system. And finally, we were primarily looking for a smooth B2C interface for our customers and back-end system. "
Matthias Huwiler
Former Managing Director Modular TO
TUI Flex Travel – TUI Events – Vögele Reisen
TUI Suisse Ltd
" Technology is not a short term solution for our business; it is a long term investment. By year five we expect 50% of our bookings will be made online. I always put technology in both columns - threat and opportunity.

Technology is a threat if we don't invest, and it's an opportunity if we invest. We have decided to invest to increase our market share. "
Zaid Al-Khubaizi
General Manager, Alghanim Travel, Kuwait
" I honestly enjoyed working with you and your team. Thanks for the support given to me at all time and it was a pleasure to see things improving that fast. You all made me feel like part of the team and I felt welcomed at all time. Thank you. "
Simone Notthoff
IT - Quality Assurance, DER Touristik
" We had a look at a few different products and Illusions was the one in which we had the most confidence. Our sister company from the group, which is also a very large DMC based in the US called New World Travel, has been using Illusions successfully for the past years so it makes sense for us to use it too.

We are expecting a 20 per cent increase in business after the first year of operating On Illusions platform. "
Christoph Mueller
Managing Director, Go Vacation, Thailand
" When our daughter company in the US, New World Travel, took Illusions on board, we started to work with Illusions to create new processes to better integrate and automate New World's invoice and payment processes with our main accounting system.

As a result, we have improved the efficiency of these processes by at least 50%, and instead of requiring two-and-a-half people to oversee this process, we now need one. Under the old system our oldest open invoices dated back one year, but now the oldest invoice in the system is four months' old.

"This was a very good project and the Illusions staff members working on it were very quick and effective, just like the system. "
Johannes Müller-Baltes
Director, Accounting Control, DER Tour, Germany
"The Illusions team is talented, dynamic, extremely helpful and has always made me feel very comfortable, so I am extremely happy to join this family."

"Illusions will effectively become an extension of Across Australia because it is the engine that will power our entire business."

"If through Illusions you can link DMCs like us to other DMCs and tour operators in other markets and unify our product, it will create a global marketplace like no other."
Sébastien Cros
Managing Director, Groupe ACROSS
"Illusions Online's Version 13 is a critical system for us moving forward as we look to develop our online and homeworking divisions and we are very impressed with the results so far.

It means the building blocks are there to grow our business for the next 15 years. Using the right technology company is essential if you are to become a pioneer in the travel world.

There is no other system in the world that does what Illusions does."
Hamish Kaumaya
Director of Sales & Marketing, Sunset Travel Ltd, UK
" Today at 1001 Events we have implemented Travel Illusions in just 35 days and gone live. This would not have been possible but for the support of IOL's team and in particular that of its CEO, Faisal Memon. I had the opportunity of implementing Travel Illusions in another DMC here, 4 years back. That time, Faisal Memon shared his dream of an exchange within Illusions. I was truly amazed that 4 years later that dream was already a reality.

IOL's motto of being Ahead of Time" is a fact. When DMC's today are engrossed in its survival for today, this entire industry should feel blessed that IOL , instead of just being a solution provider, is focusing on what DMC's would require 10 years down the line and working towards it now. IOL is a trend setter and an example for other software companies across the globe. Award of World's Leading Travel Solutions Provider" truly deserved. "
Vijay Raman
Director of Finance, 1001 Holidays
"SNTTA Emir Tours has partnered with illusions since early 2009. Initially utilizing the system internally and latterly going live on the agents web booking engine. Prior to the decision to sign up with illusions, Emir Tours spent many months looking at competitor systems to ensure we found the right system that ticked all the boxes, and a company that we felt we could work well together in developing and improving the facilities and services. Two years of working alongside illusions, we feel that the right decision was taken.

Flexibility and problem solving were two key components that we needed to have, when working with a software provider. Illusions have succeeded on both counts. The team is always available to discuss issues and find solutions. No system is perfect but we have received very positive comments from our overseas partners. They have found the system very user friendly and the percentage of bookings being made online is increasing month by month.

I know that the system will continue to develop and improve in the years ahead, which will be to the benefit of Emir Tours and our growing client base. "
David Milican
Former Senior General Manager, SNTTA Emir Tours, UAE
" When we met with Illusions we just clicked; there was chemistry. We share the same vision and aspirations. Illusion is not just a software provider; it's a partner and a friend. "
Freddy Karkaria
Managing Director , Select-Seychelles , Seychelles
"Illusions' experience and expertise has led to the creation of an advanced solution that without doubt, is the only such system that meets the region’s exact requirements."
Ali Abu Monassar
Chairman, The Vision DMC
" The current system we use now, is like an old car; it has served us well, but it's time to upgrade and drive a car that is newer and better and so we chose Illusions.

Other key reasons why we opted for Illusions were to automate all of our accounting and booking procedures. In addition, some of our major tour operator clients in Europe already use Illusions technology so this will enhance our relationship with these customers "
Thomas Weigelt
Managing Director, Focus-Asia Travel, Vietnam
" We needed to implement technology that would drive the growth of our leisure division rapidly and believe Illusions, who we view as a business partner, rather than a one-dimensional technology vendor, can provide us with a system to help us grow at a fast pace. "By going online and interfacing with our key clients globally, we aim to double our leisure business over the next two years. In the three to four years, we are looking at 300-400% growth.

Being online also means we can have a presence in GCC markets and become a regional expert, without the need to open expensive offices. "
Agnelo Fernandes
CEO, 1001 Holidays
"The Illusions system will allow us to go from generating sales worth AED 60 million in 2010 to at least AED 140 million in 2012.

The system is so flexible and user-friendly for both us and the agents and operators who use us that it opens up our business to many more clients; we plan to increase the number of partners we work with by 70% over the next year

"We will be able to provide them with really competitive prices as well as availability in real time, so we'll be able to sell so many more rooms.

"I'd like to congratulate the Illusions Online team for doing such a great job. They are highly professional and very hard workers and we really appreciate their efforts."
Ali Saroukhani
Executive Director, Sun East Tourism, UAE
" We felt confident from the very beginning of our relationship with Illusions and its CEO, Faisal Memon, that the system was right for us. We were quite fascinated by the fact that someone with an understanding of IT could also understand how the travel industry works.

The system will help us achieve our key goals of expanding our business and providing better services to our existing customers and tour operator partners, as well as reducing labour costs and becoming more efficient.

I have calculated that the Illusions system will help us grow the business by at least 10% in the first year after implementation and between 15-20% in the second year - but that's a conservative estimate. "
Horst Pezetta
Product Director, Go Vacation Indonesia
" We opted for Illusions because of their flexible approach. In Africa, we don't have many online travel portals, but they are sorely needed because the demand to book on the Internet is most definitely there. I believe that by implementing the Illusions system and offering our services online to our customers and clients, we will automatically become a leader in many markets.

Over the next five years we will significantly increase our market share in at least 22 African countries. "
Captain Michael A. Omokore
CEO, Broadlink Travel Card, Nigeria
" Our business has grown significantly since we started using the Illusions system in 2003. It has enabled us to take on a lot more volume and we have doubled our number of consultants from 20 to 40.

With Illusions, all rates and allocations are loaded into the system and all e-documents are generated automatically; before it was all done manually, so it has really improved our efficiencies. We have since developed the system to integrate with gta so contracted rates, mark-ups and commissions etc are seamlessly processed. I would definitely recommend the system to others.

It's also important that technology firms maintain relationships with their customers and Illusions has done just that, with staff always available to talk and offer support. "
Lelanie Schafer
Area Leader, Infinity Holidays, South Africa
" We chose Illusions because it has a good reputation for providing a technologically-advanced and reliable solution plus it will be implemented very quickly.

With other companies it can take months, if not years, to go live but with Illusions we will go from zero to testing to live in just less than three weeks!

Illusions has saved my life with their World Travel eXchange idea. "
Khaled Al Shammari
General Manager, Rez International, Kuwait
" The Illusions system is working very well for us, in particular, the IMS report feature, because you need fast access to numbers and analysis to run your business efficiently. It gives me data quickly, whereas under the old system it took one to two weeks, so it is saving me a lot of time.

There are a lot of technology companies out there you can use, but this one offers more than just booking, with some very detailed options. The Illusions system is also user friendly; you just click and book. It's easy, it's flexible and it's online. There is no excuse not to adopt the Illusions system. "
Mohamed Al Rais
CEO, Al Rais Travel, UAE
" We are a boutique travel agency moving to become a DMC and starting inbound operations to Qatar so we need Illusions to take our product online.

We are very confident in the Illusions product, which provides exactly what the company wanted. "
Joseph Mathew
Manager, Falcon Travel, Qatar
" We have been using Illusions since a while now, and not only does it help us reduce our work-time and manpower, it also places us in a league fueled by the necessity to be innovative and be measured by how quick you can keep up with the ever-changing, fast moving world of online advancement.

The persistent need to exceed and enhance our service can only be matched by the availability of such systems "
Gaby Seikaly
Managing Director, Gulf Circle Tours LLC, UAE
" Illusions delivered a new multi-service booking engine (MSB) that enables travel agents to book all of our products in six locations online in real time. The agents love it, particularly the 'shopping cart' feature and the fact that they can book everything in one go and on one screen.

We are now looking at opportunities to work with Illusions on further value adds for our clients and suppliers and within the next six months we will be using the Illusions system to start reaching the public.

The Illusions solution has helped to evolve and transform our company. We have gone from a tour operator that is just using a system to an operator whose core business is based around a system. "
Nassif Lawand
Managing Director, Lawand Tourism, Australia
" The Illusions system will allow us to become a pioneer in Sri Lanka; a travel market where traditionally, everything is done manually. When Illusions is implemented, we will be the only DMC in the country to have such a modern and sophisticated automated system.

"The key benefits initially of automating all of our processes will be the quick turnaround of bookings plus the human risk factor will be decreased.

"It will also make life so much easier for our tour operator partners, providing them with price, availability and reservations confirmed almost instantly, 24/7.

"This will breed loyalty because we will give them no reason to shop around and look for other people to work with. "
Erkan Tuncaakar
General Manager, Go Vacation, Sri Lanka
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Message from the CEO
The key issue in the travel industry is finding the right travel technology partner. We at Illusions have the foresight to deliver efficient technology that is flexible and adapts to the ever-changing travel market place.

Faisal Memon,
Founder & CEO,
Illusions Online
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