edyn has signed up to iWTX

January, 2021


edyn has signed up to iWTX and is available for our network of connected partners to access

About edyn

Our purpose is to engage and inspire with distinctively designed hotels, firmly rooted in the local neighbourhood and offering vibrant experiences and connections.

We believe that travel should be a rich journey of discovery, rewarding curiosity with knowledge and inspiration. But faced with the new and unfamiliar, many of us seek shelter or protection, and this has led to the spread of cookie-cutter hotels, conforming to a rigid set of assumptions which have little to do with experience and everything to do with convention.

We want guests to leave our hotels with stories to tell, with enduring memories and new friendships. We look for depth in detail, beauty in design and we seek the profound and surprising. We believe everyone deserves a life less ordinary, but we all need help to find the experiences which make discovering new destinations so rewarding.

Our vision is to create sanctuaries across European cities which provide a sense of belonging to the free-thinking urbanite in all of us. Our hotels are gateways to their neighbourhoods, and we work with the most interesting and vibrant partners to reflect that excitement and diversity in all our spaces.