iOL Lite

Easily load and automate your sales to your key vendors.

iOL Lite

A powerful contract loading portal for clients who have technological constraints or limitations.

iOL Lite, provides a portal for Hotel chains and Destination Management Companies to load their contracts and benefit from a world of powerful connectivity, automation and distribution. iOL Lite has built out technical connectivity with hundreds of B2B partners, right out of the box! Load and go!


  • 100% Cloud Hosted
  • Contract loading by market, client type and demographic
  • Complex contract and promotion loading capabilities
  • Instant connectivity and business with key travel industry players
  • Transparent visibility and targeted distribution capabilities
  • Police and monitor rateplan integrity
  • Ability to load all last-minute / stress inventory for sale via iWTX


  • No direct commercials required with iWTX distribution customers
  • Automation of current static business – reducing manual labour and human error
  • Technical connections in place with hundreds of Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, DMCs and key B2C players
  • Allow partners to search, book and cancel your product in real-time
  • Diminish legacy handling fees, costly confirmations/delays and missed/incorrect phone calls and emails
  • Promotes sale of dead stock – creating an otherwise lost revenue stream