iOL Static Contract Automation

Remove all the pain associated with static contracting.

iOL Static Contract Automation

Automate all aspects of your static contracting.

Give your partners real-time access to your static rates via XML or web page. No more manual stop sales, inventory blocks or rate change messages to send. Our all-in-one portal will allow you to update static contracts centrally and automate the booking and reservation delivery – easy!


  • Distribute static rates via iWTX for one-one-one, one-to-many, portals & booking engine solutions
  • All bookings and cancellations are delivered via your CRS/CM Into the heart of your PMS
  • All loading and updates can be handled by experienced illusions team
  • Connectivity to existing and new buyers via iWTX


  • Automation of static partnerships, reducing manual labour and human error
  • Greater speed to market for all stop sales, inventory blocks, offers and promotions
  • Provide buyers with access to both static and dynamic product in one centralised system
  • Efficiently migrate static partners to dynamic rates